Create rules engine from another file

Here is the flow

I used Levenstein distance (absolute)

This is what I thought and I was curious to know how much your approach was robust enough to @SiddeeqM data when using such a metric. I really like it :smiley: :+1:!

@SiddeeqM you have now 3 very different methods and workflows. This is amazing :smiley: !
I would be really grateful if you could try the three and tell us which one works and if not where. Thanks in advance :slight_smile: !



Here’s my updated version that adjusted to handle any Condition column with “000”: Get mapper based on rules with wildcards.knwf (29.1 KB)

The workflow looks the same, as it’s just a rule adjustment. The changes happened in the Rule-based Row Splitter and the String Manipulation (Multi Column). But this version will work with any of the 4 Columns having “000”.

EDIT: Actually, here’s a v3 :rofl:
I modified the workflow so it can handle ANY NUMBER of Conditions with “000” automatically (4 columns, 1 column, 50 columns, it does not matter :slight_smile: ). These nodes were added to support his feature:

Here’s the updated workflow: Get mapper based on rules with wildcards.knwf (34.7 KB)

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