Create several Birt reports

Good afternoon.
I have a question related to Birt report. I have a big workflow that is executed within the Web Portal. Before you start executing the workflow, you have to select one option, and each time you select one option, you get a new Birt report. The issue is that I would need to create a loop that goes for all the possible options, and compile all the generated Birt reports in a folder. Is this possible?

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Hi Carolina,
This should be possible with the Call Remote Workflow (Row Based) node inside a loop. It can trigger workflows via the REST API, passing a row with information to the called workflow. There is an option to generate a report and it will be appended to the row as a Binary Object column. This can be written to disk using a Binary Objects to Files node.
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Thanks a lot! I will try this way! :slight_smile:

@CarolinaPR There are some screenshots and a partial solution here: Multiple birt report with call to workflow in loop

I’m trying to make something similiar as well, but can’t quite figure it out yet. :thinking:

From what I understand BIRT is not really good at generating multiple files, so connected workflows like Alexander mentioned seems the way to go.

@AlexanderFillbrunn: If I may, do you have any suggestions how to create a loop to nest multiple reports in one file?

Hi @dr_snglr,
I think it is not possible to concatenate multiple reports in a workflow. Maybe you could generate the report as HTML and then concatenate that with some custom logic using XPath and String Manipulation nodes?
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