Create space and count


I am looking to separate the names below by a space in between each name and then count how many names are their in each cell.

Current Input in one cell:

Desired output within one cell
John Smith
Wesley Brown
Mathew Smith
Craig Watson

And then in a new or separate column count the number of names, so in this case 4.


Hello @akngnew ,

here is a workflow that could help you.

Keep in mind that:

  • it works only if names and last names begin with a capital letter (ex James Smith)
  • it works only if each person has one name and one surname only (ex John Ronald Reuel Tolkien would be separated in two cells, 1) John Ronald, 2) Reuel Tolkien).

You did not specify it, so I assumed these are not problems for you.

Have a nice day,


Thank you so much. Would you know how I can install Missing Regex Extractor Node. I cant do it from Knime Hub as my company restrictions restrict drag and dropping the nodes. Is there a zip file or something I can install from?. Many Thanks, Akash.

That particular node is available from Nodepit. The update site is available as a ZIP file here:

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Hi Raffaello,

Sorry as I am learning and I should have been more specific.

The data also has names which has Patrick Smith (Terminated)Patrick Smith [C] (Contract Ended)Patrick Smith [C]Patrick Smith (On Leave)

There is a space after the each last name.

Hopefully it wont be too difficult for you.


Hi @akngnew ,

I updated the workflow.

Taking in consideration this

Now it should work as expected.

Sorry for the late reply.

Have a nice day,

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Thank you very much. All good now. Cheers.

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Hi Raffaello,

I am stuck as the its putting names in different rows and then counting them as 4,
however my data has many rows. I have attached the input and output data for your reference. My apologies for the confusion. I hope you will be able to help. Thanks, Akash.

Book2.xlsx (15.1 KB)

What does your workflow currently look like where you got stuck?

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