Create temp dir - legacy node provided a complete path, new node not compatible with file download widget

Dear KNIME experts,
the legacy temp dir node provided a full path that I could used to download a file with the subsequent file download widget, e.g.:
D:\username\knime_4.2.4\temp\knime_Workflow Manage88776\knime_tc_1xbdj73po4jn\BMD_xxxx_cumulative sensitivity.xlsx

With the new temp dir node, a completely different output is provided, that does not seem to be accepted by a subsequent file download node (at least when using locally), it looks like this:
(LOCAL, .\knimetemp-b81adc9993ff4b7b\BMD_xxx_cumulative_summary.xlsx).

With the old temp dir node it was working locally and on the server. Can you provide instructions how do configure the new temp dir node and subsequent nodes in order to use the file download widget?

I have attached a small workflow (executed) including the legacy and new temp dir nodes.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Test new temp dir node.knwf (26.3 KB)

This is something we still wanted to improve in our download widget, I gave the feature a +1 from you :slight_smile:

However, I have a workaround, you can get the path with the workflow as below:


Dear Iris,
thanks a lot for the support. This works indeed but seems to be more complicated as in the legacy nodes. Is there any risk to use the legacy nodes, or will they be no longer valid in the future?
Kind regards

We definitely will keep these nodes for some more time. They will be deprecated at some point in time. However, we still always want to stay backwards compatible.

So it is not risky to stay with the legacy for now and wait for the update of the FileDownload Widget to adapt your workflow.

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