Create Temp Dir node / option Create temp directory in workflow folder

Is there an issue with the ‘Create temp directory in workflow folder’ option in the Create Temp Dir node when used in a workflow launched from a Call Workflow node (Table Based) and when these workflows are published on a server?
I have a workflow (workflow ‘A’) which launches another workflow (workflow ‘B’) several times based on selections made from a Multiple Selection Configuration node. Workflow B as part as its execution creates an Excel file. Path to this Excel file is returned back to workflow A in the output table of the Call workflow. The goal is to send this Excel file by mail in workflow A.
This works perfectly in my Knime client.
When I am publishing these workflows on the server, workflow A fails with an error ‘Send Email 33:4856 - ERROR: Execute failed: Unable to file attachment’. If I put an Excel reader node in workflow B after the Excel writer node and save its content in a temporary file I can get the file content and therefore check that the file is created on the server. For a reason I do not understand the file cannot be retrieved by workflow A.
Can you help me to understand what is going wrong here?
Thanks in advance for your help,

Hi Claire,

whenever a workflow is being executed on the server a so-called job is created (a temporary copy of the workflow). Depending on the parameters, jobs will either be discarded or kept after execution.
If ‘discard after successful execution’ is selected, the whole temporary workflow and all its belongings (e.g. temporarily created files) will be removed. The Call Workflow node will get the path from the called workflow, but after execution, the file and the job do not exist anymore.

Can you try to disable the ‘Discard job on successful execution’ option in the configuration dialog of the Call Workflow node? This might do the trick.



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Hi Julia,

Thanks for the information. It works.