Create temp table within database reader and sql server

What is the syntax to create a #temp table when connected to SQL server within a Database Reader node?


Select * 

INTO #temptable

FROM table_a

Select * from #temptable


I get Database Table Connector error Execute failed:  Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'into'


This syntax works when you run it in sql server management studio.




have you tryed to execute the statement with the Database SQL Executor since it is not a query but more of a create table as select statement. The Database Reader node as well as most of the other query nodes (the once with the dark red output ports) issue a altered version of your query to get metadata information from the db. I guess that this metadata query fails. To check which query fails have a look at the KNIME log. To do so open KNIME and go to View->Open KNIME log.



Database SQL Executor worked.  Thanks Tobias.