Create url like in ecxel

Hello everyone,

is it possible to create a urls like in excel? For example:
The “EXAMPLE” should be out of the KNIME-table.

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Hi there, you can use the node called ‘String Manipulation’. Choose function join(“;”,columnEXAMPLE)

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Thank you very munch.

The concatenate works, but in the .xlsx I can’t click on the link.
It should be a hyperlink.

Hi @TheScientist

Can you try adding the the =HYPERLINK to the string like this
join("=HYPERLINK(;”,columnEXAMPLE, ")") ?


Thank you, for your reply.
I tried it, but in the excel sheet stands now:
When I write it like that in excel it would work, but with KNIME there’s only the expression.

Ok I figured out the problem:

  1. you need to encode the url in a special way, the full formula needs to be enclosed by quotation marks, the arguments as by double quotation marks: "=HYPERLINK("""",""name"")"

2. This only works when writing the table as CSV, not with the Excel Writer, also you need to set the column seperator to something else than “,”, e.g. “;”, as well as disable the quotation option in the settings of the CSV Writer. I have attached an example workflow that demonstrates how to do this: Create HYPERLINK CSV.knwf (6.4 KB)

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It still doesnt work. I think its because excel want to have the url with quotation marks before and after. When I added them in the expression: =HYPERLINK( the hyperlink works. Is it possible to add them with the “String Manipulation” and use other punctuation marks? Or is it possible to mask two quotation marks?

Ok I got it. I mask them with " and save it as .csv.

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