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Hello everyone, Can you tell me if it is possible to create a website through the KNIME tools, the data of which will be regulated by the recruitment itself.

Hey Nuke_Attokurov,

can you elaborate a bit on your use case?
In theory that is possible, but depending on the use case this might be overkill.
If it is only about getting user input and processing/visualising this input, you might want to look into the KNIME WebPortal.



I mean a complete website. For example, “Renting an apartment”. where the filling will be on KNIME

A real full website.

In this case, the answer is no. Although theoretically possible, I would not recommend using KNIME for this. Nevertheless, you can use KNIME to do certain parts, such as the “rent an apartment” task, which could be realised with a data app.

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KNIME is a great web development / backend support tool, but I don’t think that KNIME Server would be a viable solution as a standalone user friendly website. I use the desktop version for all kinds of web development tasks. Version alterations, PWA service workers, PWA manifests, template conversations, error checking, etc.

I plan to patch server into the backend of my web apps in the future as well.

That being said… If you find a solid template or platform for your use case, then you could probably automate a customized version of it for your purposes with KNIME.


Good afternoon, please tell me, can you send me a work flow how it’s done. I want to understand the essence. and then look for a server for it.

Hi @Nuke_Attokurov , I would not recommend building a whole website via Knime. It’s not really made for that. While in theory you could do it, but it would require so much work and you will be limited within what little control you may have.

The web portal (for which you will need a Knime server) is mostly for triggering the execution of a workflow (like you have to click on Start just like you would click on execute a node), and you get some results if the workflow produces some output, and it’ll be data in a table, or if you are doing some charts, that’s what you will see. So, that’s not exactly what a website’s content is.

If you are building a website for renting apartments, I am sure you may have different sections/pages in your website, where you have some text to advertise about the apartments, possibly some pictures, contact information, etc. It’s hard to add all this in the Web portal. Moreover, there is no navigation. Everything is “linear” in that, you do something in a page, click Next to go to the next page, it’s all a “straight line” from beginning to the end.

Additionally, if there are concurrent bookings, an apartment might be available at the moment when the user is trying to book, but on submitting the booking, the apartment might become unavailable. It’s already hard to do this kind of re-routing in Knime, I can’t imagine how you can navigate back in the web portal and redirect the user back to the booking “page” to start over, and also to display a message saying “sorry, the apartment is no longer available, try again”.

The effort to implement all these might just not worth it. Maybe if you explain what is the reason for trying to use Knime to build a whole website. What exactly are you expecting from Knime, or rather, what do you expect to benefit from Knime to do this?

You can use Knime as a back-end tool to process your data. It could be a layer between your app and your db, but even this is not as direct as you think.

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Tell me, do you have a simple example for the site? I want to build an online website. But so far I don’t understand it at all. For me, KNIME is the same programming language as java or python. I have already done various workflows on KNIME that perform full-fledged script’s. (For example, I made a telegram bot and a task scheduler that launches the rest of the workflow that is hired. Now I want to start creating sites. From the simplest to the most complex.

Hi @Nuke_Attokurov ,

Do you mean you don’t know how to create a website in general? Or are you referring to creating a website via the Knime Web portal?

Yes, I don’t know how to create websites. I don’t want to create outside of the KNIME web portal, but I want to create in the KNIME analytics platform. Perhaps pieces of code that will be flashed in different KNIME nodes.

Do you have access to a Knime server?

I don’t have any workflows that would be useful as far as constructing and running a website through KNIME Server. My workflows are all just doing simple ETL to automate my production process changes to offline files. Unfortunately I don’t have anything that would be easy to share… Everything is geared to work with our very large client specific point of sale touch screen web apps, folder structure, fileshare platform, server structure, etc. The workflows would be a useless error ridden mess unless I completely rebuilt them for a generic website template and embedded everything in the file. Not something I can take on now with my current workload…

I basically use the list files and folders to point the workflow to the right folder (and build my offline file cache list). Then use the string to path (variables) node to point “line reader” nodes toward the relative .js and .html filepaths via flow variables. At this point it is mostly hyper specific adjustments via conditional tests and regex replace in the Column Expressions node. I also do a few things like cross reference files to check / adjust for common errors, replace generic image files, use the Copy/Move Files (Legacy) node to add any additional images and videos, etc.

As far as KNIME Server driven projects on the backend of web apps, you might want to check this use case out.

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Also, if you have any experience with Adobe Indesign then you can use In5 to print it to a website. It would allow you to generate the basic website layout and functionality easily with no web skills, and you can also push it to do some amazing things with some javascript skills.

Something like this might fill the gap of initial website creation for you to incorporate with KNIME Server on the backend…

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