Create your custom Date Table with one click

Using a #fact table in conjunction with a #date table allows for the accurate and efficient querying of data over time. Learn how @brkylmz automatically creates a date table -day, month, year, quarter, etc.- using the #KNIME #DateTime nodes in just a few clicks. Enjoy the data story!

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Firstly, this is a very useful workflow. Kudos. I’m having problems with the Excel and csv writer nodes. Both produce a file with no extension. If I manually add the .xlsx or .csv extention both files read fine. I have no idea what is causing the problem.

A suggestion for future work - add a holiday marker. I don’t know how difficult this would be to implement, but it would be useful. I have an Excel workbook which identifies US holidays for any year, but its an xlsm file so I can’t upload it. I’ll try to rename it and see if it will upload.

Here’s the file I mentioned in my last post. Change extension to xlsm.
All Holidays Lookup - Copy.xlsx (14.3 KB)

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Hi @rfeigel thanks for your inputs - very appreciated :slight_smile:.

You’re right, the file writers do not execute correctly because there’s the missing file extension.

But I believe this is done on purpose in this particular case. In the File field, the author simply provides a placeholder “KnimeDateTable” for illustration purposes and not with the actual intention of writing the files. Same in the Send to PowerBI node. The end user can then customize the name and add the actual file extension. :wink:

Thanks also for sharing the Holiday Lookup table, that would be a brilliant addition :star_struck:. Hopefully, the author will integrate it soon.


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