Create your own text classification model without training using Symanto Brain

Hello everyone,

We at Symanto are excited to announce the release of our new extension.

The Symanto Brain extension is a powerful tool that enables you to generate AI models in over 50 languages within the KNIME workspace. It is powered by a comprehensive, in-house pre-trained Transformer model, advanced NLP techniques and machine learning algorithms , that allows you to create text classification models that can categorise novel, unlabeled classes without the need for labelled training data.

In order to showcase how it works, we have built some workflows for different classification tasks, including sentiment analysis, emotion analysis and topic detection in English, German and Spanish. You can find all the workflows in our Symanto Text Classification Workflows space.

Additionally, you can check out the documentation on how to set up the extension.

We hope you will find our extension and the workflows helpful.

Whether you have suggestions, ideas for improvement, or simply want to share your experience using our extension, we would love to hear from you on this post. :point_down:


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