Creating a Data Warehouse and Manipulating Tables?

Greetings Knime community

I'm fairly new to knime and I wondering what is the best practice to achieve the following:

I have multiple identical databases and would like to merge them into a Data Warehouse for reporting purposes
I have multiple identical DBs, one for each tenant, which has  a unique Identifier
I would also like to add a column, holding the identifier value to specific tables within each DB

Your guidance and support would be highly appreciated.


sorry but I didn't get the question. Is it more about the design of a data warehouse data structure or are you interested in how to blend multiple databases? If you just want to make one big table from your multiple similar databases you can work with a concatenate-node to do so. Afterwards you can aggregate metrics via groupBy-nodes. To give a more specific answer I need more information on your input data and the desired outcome. Maybe this blogpost is also interesting for you: