Creating a loop with two outputs and try catch

I’m new to Knime and confused about using loops and try catch
I have a group loop that pulls data by executing olap queries. At the end of the workflow it generates two csv files. I want to close the loop once both of these files are written. How do I do that?
Secondly, for every iteration I want to store the successfully executed iterations in a file ( let’s say by the assigned name ) so that if I re run the workflow, it doesn’t execute them again and moves straight to the unexecuted ones.
Here’s an image of my flow:

Hello @sushantmishra,

You can use the Variable Loop End to close a loop after a file is written. For this, you can right click on the writer node and select “Show flow variable ports”. Then connect the red dot to the Variable Loop End. In your case, you have two different files that need to be written, so you could join the two variables via the Merge Variables node.
The second question is a bit more difficult to answer, as I don’t know your workflow. But if you have the file names already in the beginning of the workflow, you could use for example the Reference Row Filter to filter out all the rows that contain a given file name.

I hope this helps!


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