Creating a new column and populating values based another column values

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I want to create a new column and populate values based another column in the same row. Example : I have an ID number in which 1st character denotes which team he represents, Based on the first character i need to populate a abbreviated team name in a new column.
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You can use Rule Engine node. There you can write such rules using LIKE operator.

For example:
$yourColumnName$ LIKE "A*" => "Australia"
$yourColumnName$ LIKE "U*" => "USA"

If you have too many rules and want to keep them in dictionary table you can extract first character from your ID column using substr() function from String Manipulation node and then follow it up with Cell Replacer node to add whole team name based on abbreviated team name. For creating dictionary table you can use Table Creator node.

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Hello @vamsi4uonly

You might apply the following workflow:

New_value_based_column.knwf (76.6 KB)

2nd table contains list of teams with their IDs which should be quite easy to manage.

I hope you will find it helpful.
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Thanks This helped me.

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Great @vamsi4uonly ! Could you please mark my post as solution then? Being KNIME newbe, Iā€™m still collecting solutions:)

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