Creating a new column in data set based on a condition from a data source


Novice KNIME user here.
What I have is a data source which shows individuals categorized by different cost centers.
There is another file that has those cost centers assigned to work areas.
I am trying to create a new column in the first data set with the work areas they are assigned to based on the cost centers.
There are many different cost centers and work packages.
So far what I have found as a possibility is writing a very long rule engine configuration for each cost center and work package(i.e if “cost center column” = “X” then add new column with value “Y” , Y being the work area and X being the cost center). However since the information already exists in the data sources and it is only a matter of matching the cost center column in one file to the cost center column in the other and outputting what the work area I feel there should be a simpler solution.

Thanks, any help is appreciated.

Welcome to the forum, @rbinz

This sounds like a job for the Joiner node


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