Creating a pop up window

Hey everyone :slight_smile:
Is there anyway I can create a window showing my outcomes after a workflow?
I tried doing it with Java using JOptionPane but it does not work and I honestly do not know if it even can.

Thanks in advance!

JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "Hello, world!");

Works for me, e.g. in a “Java Edit Variable” node. BUT: Only when I set Run only on execution. Elsewise KNIME will freeze.


ok, thanks, that sounds awesome!
which inputs do I have to use? And how can I connect it to my workflow so it shows my variables?

The other configuration depends on your individual workflow. When you use “Java Edit Variable” you can pass information with the red flow variable ports. There are a bunch of nodes in the Variables section which allow you to convert between table structure and variables, e.g. Table Row To Variable, etc.

Theoretically you could also run the same code in a regular Java Snippet node which works with regular tables instead of variables. This will execute for every row in the input table (i.e. the dialog will be shown that many times). This might or might not be what you’re after.



I already tried the Java snippet node with several stockoverflow version who run in Java by themselves, but maybe I just don’t get it at all.
Would you mind posting the code you used?


Thank you soooo, sooo much!!!

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