Creating a shareable link to Data Apps without login

Now I can login to and open the workflow via the webportal, but right now I can’t share the URL without logging in with other people. Can I create a shareable link to Data Apps without logging in?

Hi @arief_rama -

Special permissions are required for this on the server side. I just enabled these permissions for your account on the community server - can you try now?

Also, how many concurrent connections do you think there will be during your presentation?

Hi Scott,

Thank you for your information and assistance. I need more than 500 concurrent connections during the KNIME Server presentation and demo.

Hi Scott,

Can other people run the workflow I created through a shareable link?

Hi Scott,

Now I can share the link that has been created on the community server. Thank you for your help.

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I clicked the link above just now - working from my side :slight_smile:

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