Creating a Web App (like in Example Workflow Bank reconciliation)

Hello all

I have read the KNIME for Finance: Bank reconciliation example and have a few questions.
I realize this topic would be ideally posted in the KCH Workflow, but I am not allowed to post there. :man_shrugging:

  1. There is an App described. How can enable the app view or create this app? Is this part of KNIME?

  2. The Author is talking about the start and end date selection being part of Step 1. I cannot see that bit at all.

I am pretty new to KNIME and programming. I am just a simple Excel user that is leaning to automate some of my regular tasks and have just started creating my first workflows.

Than you for any pointers and support!

Hi @Cal_Steffen ,
I am glad to know that you have been going through our new KNIME for Finance blog.

To answer your questions,

  1. The app that is described in the blog is a DataApp. To get you started with what a DataApp is, I think this link would help you.

  2. The start and the end date selection can be made using the widget nodes inside a component.

I have also attached a link to what a component is. Several other resources on KCH or KNIME TV or KNIME blogs will help you get started with KNIME.

Let me know if this helps you.



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