Creating Filter Definitions

Apart from the Range Slider Filter Definition node, are there any other nodes that allow to create filter definitions that can be used in combination with the Table View (Javascript) node?

I was wondering if I can use a wildcard or regex pattern in a string input field to interactively filter a table on matching values in a given column. Is this possible somehow?

(Of course I can just create a string input and use a Rule-based Row Filter to filter my table, but that wouldn’t update the result interactively in the table view…)

the Table View (JavaScript) has embedded an interactivity feature called “searching”.

If you go in the node dialog you can enable it and once the view is open
you will be able to type in a textbox to search particolar values.

Regarding interactive filtering, right now you can only do that with the Range Slider Filter Definition quickform.
This means that using a string input or any other node will not work for interactive filtering of rows.

Hope this helps


Any plans to include interactive filtering for string and other inputs? it would be helpful to be able to filter interactively across a number of tables etc based on one filter.

Also, for the Table Editor (JavaScript), is it possible to have a column select to turn on/off the ability to edit a column, so that it is not editable by default, but the user may turn it on when needed? this avoids accidental edits.



Hi David,
a new node able to interactively filter rows based on a string column is already out
in the KNIME nightly build!

This node will also be available in the next KNIME release: 3.8.0 (July 2019)
The name of the node is Value Filter Definition Quickform node and its usage is quite similar to the Range Slider Filter Definition Quickform node, just for categorical columns instead of numerical columns.

With the new node you can select which categorical values of a column should be used to filter the rows in a table view. For example you could select “Italian” on a column “nationality” to automatically display in the connected JavaScript node only rows of Italian nationality. You should be able to select more than one categorical value and activate multiple filters on different columns for complex “queries”. I would suggest to download the nightly build and give it a try. Any kind of feedback is really appreciated :slight_smile:

Regarding the Table Editor I am afraid it is not possible to turn off and on the ability of edit columns.
You can define what columns are displayed and what columns can be edited before the creation of the view, but not from the view itself. I will let the developers know of this request of yours…



thanks, that’s really great. we build ours knimes into containers, and also run on the knime server. Which version of the server is it compatible with?


Hi David,
to run such a node on KNIME Server and KNIME WebPortal you will need to to wait for the June release of KNIME Server 4.9 compatible with AP 3.8.

ok, looking forward to it.

by the way, as it’s planned for June, in case there’s time, would it be possible to give a default filter choice to start?

I have a large table, with categories defined in a column. I am looking for the ability to set a default view over a particular category, and have that apply to different javascript views which can subscribe to it.