Creating Folders and writing files

I need to process a file in which there is a string column, for each of the values of that column I must create a directory and a file with the rows to which that value corresponds, for example for the category “CO Investment” one should get the following :
host/CO Investment / CO Investment.xlsx.
Inspired by the flow (Create multiple folders – KNIME Hub) contributed by @Kathrin I created the following flow:

Folder file creation.knwf (2.4 MB)

I have two issues:
1.- Why the file corresponding to the first value of the Group Loop node is being written?
2.- The workflow looks over complicated, is there a simpler way to do it?

To answer your questions:

1 - You haven’t closed the loop. In this configuration you’d need to connect a Variable Loop End to the Excel Writer node.
2 - This workflow is is quite complicated:

The way you’ve implemented the folder creation process isn’t as efficient as it could be. Also, it seems to me that you’re going in circles creating variables from data then converting them to data then back to variables then back to data and then back to variables.

Here’s a workflow that does what I think you want, with fewer nodes:


@iperez here I tried to illustrate how the path generation does work.

Also most writers allow the option to create missing folders, although I like the option to only create new folders deliberately.


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