Creating Knime Based Node Extension - Missing Package

I was interested in creating own Nodes with the Python API. I followed the tutorial Create a New Python based KNIME Extension.
This is how my config.yml file looks like:

When opening the Worklfow Example_with_Python_node following Error message is shown:

When pressing Yes Knime asks to install the Python Development Extension (which is already installed)
When pressing No the workflow opens and shows the Node My Template Node as missing:
missing node

In the Console the following Error Messages are shown:

To me it looks like a python package is missing in the installed python modules but i don’t know if that is really the case. And if it is the case I don’t really know how to solve the problem since I just downloaded the packages via conda install as explained in the tutorial.

I still use KNIME AP 4.6 if that’s important for this issue.

Would appreciate any kind of help

Thank you for your time already.


Hi Erik,

I’m glad that you try it out!
4.6 is one important issue, indeed. Please use the guide for 4.6 instead of the latest 4.7 guide: Create a New Python based KNIME Extension
The difference is the creation of the conda package

conda create -n my_python_env python=3.9 knime-python-base=4.6 knime-extension=4.6 -c knime -c conda-forge

Could you retry with such a package with the 4.6 version instead of your used knime_ext package?

Additionally, I am curious about the missing package. Could you please go to C:\Users\your_user\Anaconda3\envs\knime_ext\lib\site-packages and send me a screenshot of the version of the knime_extension package? It might look like the following:
Screenshot 2023-02-14 at 15.14.07
Or just

conda activate knime_ext
conda list knime

and copy the outcome.

Furthermore, could you have a look whether in the site-packages folder, the tree structure looks like this? Especially with the folder having the files, and

Thank you!

Best regards

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Hey Steffen,

thank you for your fast answer. Sorry for my late reply.
I removed the 4.7 knime python packages from the conda envoirement and installed the 4.6 versions. This resolved the issue and I am now able to create my own Nodes with Python. So thank you very much.

I don’t know if you still need the other information but I couldn’t recreate the error, I’m sorry.

After installing the 4.6 version the folders look like this:

There is no folder called just knime.

If you’d like to receive additional information feel free to ask.

Erik Barthelmann

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