creating line plot in KNIME

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I have created my required graph in google sheet, see attached file

but I am unable to create the same graph in KNIME Analytics Platform, see attached screenshot.

Also csv file attached, please be so kind to let me know what mistake I am making in KNIME Workflow.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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death_vs_birthRate.xlsx (8.8 KB)

Hi @raomohsinkhan,

In KNIME you need to have the rates for the different clinics in different columns. The workflow reshapes your data and plots in a line plot.



Hi Kathrin,

Thank you very much, it’s working fine. can you please let me know how to control x-axis values
it is showing 1840.0 1840.5 and so on…
increment by 0.5.

I correct this by scrolling out. but by default it show round values.

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hello @raomohsinkhan the workaround here could be using the line plot plotly
instead of line plot node

please find attached the image using this node, hope it helps answer your query

can you please share workflow
it nice

Please find the workflow here

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