Creating Multiple Excel Files - Warnings?

Hi all,

I am using the logical approach captured in the workflow here to create multiple Excel files.

I keep getting the following warnings for every loop:
WARN Excel Writer 4:149 Errors overwriting node settings with flow variables: Unknown variable “FileName_location”

I was curious as to whether other users are getting this warning for the logic. Is this an issue with KNIME and should I be concerned by the warning?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @sjmartin -

When you reset the workflow after downloading it from the Hub, you will see this error until you execute the String to Path (Variable) node - that’s because the flow variable mentioned doesn’t exist until this node is executed, and the Excel Writer complains about that.

But as you can verify by running the workflow, this warning doesn’t change anything about the results. The workflow still works as expected - no need to be concerned.


Thanks @ScottF , appreciate the reassurance that everything is working, I can also see this from the outputs.

In my own configuration I’m using the Create File/Folder Variables node. I suppose the same logic applies as above.

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