Creating network graphs


I want to create a network graph.
The idea: Making a simple graph with weighted edges, for e.g. from Paris to Madrid is the distance 1200km.
Do I need before making a graph an ‘Adjacency matrix’ ?

Hi @Fatih97

Maybe the workflow example in the following solved thread could help you to create a first network graph from your data:

As you can see from the snapshot, the only required data is a table with the network edges between nodes. The KNIME network nodes will implicitly calculate the ‘Adjacency Matrix’ from there and then you can customize the network with extra features associated to the nodes or the edges.

Hope it helps.




Thank you for your answer.
I found this workflow Create Network from Edge Table – KNIME Hub
But I dont understand, why here is the same table is used 2x.
Do you know why?

Because the 2nd table is used to add features to the nodes and edges :wink:

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