Create a lists of clustered nodes in a network


I have a CSV file that lists the relationships between nodes in a whole network that contains sub-networks. An example of what may look like is the image below.

The network CSV looks like this:

Src Dst Label
A B has
A E has
B C has
B H has
H I has
C G has
C D has
L S has
O M has
J K has
K N has
N J has
P R has
R P has
P Q has
Q R has
C H has

What I need to do is extract clustered nodes into a list so that the final output table of the network looks something like this:

Network Nodes
Net1 S,L
Net2 A,E,B,C,D,G,H,I
Net3 M,O
Net4 J,K,N
Net5 P,Q,R

I there a way to create the network in KNIME and then create this table of clustered nodes?




Hi @TigerCole

The best way of dealing with this question is to use the Network plugin available in KNIME:

Please find a possible solution here below:


20211006 Pikairos Create a lists of clustered nodes in a network.knwf (339.5 KB)

Hope this helps.



PS: Complementary workflows and information about network graphs can be found in the KNIME hub:

KNIME Hub Graph Network examples


Hi @aworker

This is exactly what I have been trying to do. Thank you for the example workflow. it has saved me days of work.



HI @TigerCole

I’m glad it worked. Your kind feedback is my best reward and thanks for validating the solution :smiley: :+1: !

Just a comment about this solution. As you will notice, the loop iterates as many times as nodes in the graph. This is fine with graphs with a reasonable number of nodes. However, if your network is made of millions of nodes but much less sub-graphs, an optimized alternative solution could be implemented with a recursive loop. I just wanted to let you know in case you have a huge network. Please get back in touch if this is the case for you. I’ll be happy to help further.

Best wishes,



Hi @aworker

I did notice the looping but the flow finished in a few seconds… I am sure I will be posting on the forum again about networks. It is something that I am encountering more and more and it may make some of the things I need to do a lot more efficient, especially where data elements are closely related.

Thanks again for your help.


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