creating new columns based on rows dynamicly

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In this Data as you can see that the data is interpolated, the BatchNumber column have a lot of duplicated numbers, I want to filter the data based on: if the row value in the BatchNumber column the same ( like, 2,2,2,2,2,2…), then create me a new column with the name of the Batch and also new columns for the other parameters (Current, Torque, Speed, weight…). to be able at the End to plot all my batches with all the parameters I have to make analysis.

I appreciate any kind of help

I have did this for only 10 batches filtering with the row name and then join the columns.

This is for only 1 parameter (Rotorspeed)

But for my case I will have more than 200 batches.

Hi @hussein99

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This is a quite confusing. Where is the Batchname or how should it be drafted? Since the columns Current, Torque, Speed, weight are already there, what should be created “new”?

Can you draft your expected output?

PS: sharing the data from your screenshot in a workable format helps the community help you quicker :wink:


Hi @ArjenEX ,

I added more details in the post, I hope this will help.

No, that still leaves the original questions unanswered unfortunately.

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