creating new table on matching condition from two columns of different tables

Hello KNIME Experts,

Hope you all are doing great!
I am stuck with below issue and require your help for the same as I have been using KNIME only for past 2 months, which makes me fairly new to this platform.

The query is as below(using hypothetical data) as I am unable to share actual data:
Table 1:

As, you all can see from the picture that I have employee’s data with a boolean value and in actual data there are many more columns to this (around 23 columns).

Table 2:

this table also gives some employees details with same name id gender and marital status but different Boolean value column with name elg?.

So I want to extract those records from Table 1 which are FALSE in Table 1 column “IS_ACTIVE” but TRUE for Table 2 column “elg?”
Please note that it is not required that both tables have same number of records.

So output I want after operation is as below:

Kindly help me proceed with this further which would help me in the project I am working on currently.

Hope to hear back from you all soon!
Thanks in advance!

It seems to me that this would be accomplished using two Row Filter nodes and a Joiner node:


The joiner node configuration looks like this:

And this is the final result:

Alternately, this could be done with the Joiner node first then a Rule-Based Row Filter node:



Seems about right @elsamuel :slight_smile: Either way works the same :slight_smile:


@elsamuel Thanks alot for the reply and solution.
Can you tell me which join have you applied for first solution? is it outer join?


@elsamuel thanks for the solution, it works! I used inner join and it does give results as expected!

Thanks alot!

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