Creating sub nodes in KNIME v3


Am I missing something with regards to creating sub nodes? I no longer have the option to collapse into a sub node, only meta nodes are available. 



You first have to collapse into a subnode and then you can "wrap" this metanode into a "subnode" (though we don't use that term any more).

I completely forgot I asked this!

Thanks for the reply, I think I must be missing something obvious. 

If I import a workflow with a sub node I can see the menu options for dealing with wrapped nodes. If I select a set of nodes I only get menu options for callapsing into a meta node, no option for wrapped or sub.

Where should I be making a selection to create a wrapped node?



Demo as a movie.

On a metanode:

Aha! Yes I was missing something obvious, thank you!

Hi Thor,

I try to execute decision tree streamed, but I get "Streaming exeuction only available for subnodes" -- so apparently that term is still used, but following the description here yiels in exceptions from knime so that I can't even save my workflow anymore.