Creating unique rows for a string value cluster (value1; value2; value3)


I am trying to get a count of instance per keyword which is in a keywords column. The column can contain no data, a single keyword, or multiple seperated by ;

The way I am trying to get there is by inserting duplicate rows. For example, if the keywords are value1; value2 I will end up with two copies of that row, one with value1 as keyword and one with value2. I can then group or pivot to get the value counts.

I have a partial solution; the data flows to a bunch of java snippets which all look like this:

int Position = 1;

String[] Tokens = $Keywords$.split(";");
if (Tokens.length < Position) return null;
else return Tokens[Position-1].trim();

The snippets are all the same except Position. I then filter null values and concatenate. I have to create as many snippets as there are number of keywords.

I looked at the cell splitter but it doesn't quite solve the problem of the final pivot since all my data is in different columns.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Also if I don't understand your problem completely, I guess it can be solved by using the Create Collection, Java Snippet, and Split Collection nodes.