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I am working on 3 images. After a segmentation we have a table where we can find in the rowID : Row 0 #1, Row 0 #2,..., Row 1#1, Row1#2,..., Row2#1, Row2#2,...,Row2#30. Well, Row0, Row1, and Row2 correpond to the 3 images and #1 #2 #3 correpond to the segments in each image. I would like to have a new column where all cells of the same image are named image1, and for the second image: image2 and for the third image: image3. Can you please tell me how we do that?

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Hi ChakibO


Do you have a column "Source Labeling" in your table? If so you can use the "Labeling Properties"-Node to append the name of the Source Labeling which will be the input image name.

If you would like to sum up all segmented pixel of your images you can use the "GroupBy"-Node and group by (Groups Tab) "Source Labeling"-Column and aggregate (Manual Aggregation Tab) the number of pixel with the sum-operation.




Thank you, I have juste created a label with labeling properties and it works,


Hi Chakib,

I'd also like to point you on There you find lots of information about KNIME and KNIME Image Processing which may help you!




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