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Hi Guys,

We decided to test the use of KNIME nodes to commercialize our software. I created a python-base node recently for testing. Now, I am looking for solutions on how provide license access to our users. I was imagining that it could be possible to have a type of connector to provide user validation to access the functionalities in our nodes.

Could someone give me a hand on this?

Thanks in advance,


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The Selenium extension comes to mind here. They have a nice system whereby a license key has to be entered in KNIME. Perhaps @qqilihq is willing to share some insights in the technical background of this :wink:


Sure thing - happy to see if there’s some common ground. Just get in touch at :slight_smile:


Hello @VAGR_ISK,

If you are interested in commercializing your node extension, you have a few options within KNIME. While we don’t support pay-to-download, you can add license checks to your nodes via the KNIME preferences, or if you support something like a license server you can add an authentication node to your extension.

Feel free to reach out directly if you want to discuss in more detail:


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