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Hello, I want to put credential on knime workflow before running on server, I mean whenever any user running the workflow which i have created and deployed on server. if any user running this workflow then they should have the credentials which i have shared to them and only those user should able to run the workflow who has that credential which i have shared and no other user should able to run this workflow, basically when the user wants to run this workflow on server then they should have these credentials to run that workflow on server, so is their any way to implement this in knime workflow, if it is their then please let me know.

Thanks in advanced.

Hi @shubham_knime,

To prevent sharing your workflow with everyone, you can always set the permissions of the workflow accordingly (right-click on the workflow that is on KNIME Server and click on permissions). Additionally, if you would like to give some people the ability to run your workflow without letting them use your credentials for any other purpose, you can give them only execution rights (as shown in the screenshot).

More information on permissions can be found in our documentation.

Hope that helps! Best,

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Thank you so much @kabrah for your reply

But solution which you have given i can’t use that because in my company their are lot of user of the workflow which i have created so when i deploy my workflow on server we don’t know that from which team which user can run this workflow so actual number of user we don’t know so i want to put the credential inside the knime workflow so that without having that credentials user should not able to run that workflow on server.
And we will share the credentials whenever new user ask for it and then we will verify whether this user should be given credentials of workflow or not.
so this is the main purpose for that credentials and also the solution which you have given for that i have to add user again and again, then i have to deploy my workflow on server again after that which is not be possible because it will consume lot of time.

but Thanks again for your reply, if you have any other solution then please let me know and i have also found knime has “credential Widget” nodes but when i am using it, it is allowing even for wrong password to access the workflow which i don’t want, so if you can help me with this too, it would be great help for me.

Ahh, understood! So just to be clear: you can also do set permissions for groups rather than individual users and you do not have to redeploy the workflow to change it’s permissions - you can just add/edit users.

The credentials widget node would allow users to enter credentials in the browser. This is for credentials that are needed within the workflow and are not related to accessing the workflow.


Thanks @kabrah for your instant reply,

But as i said, is their any possible way to put the credentials or password in the workflow to access the workflow because when we deploy workflow on server their are several other teams who has access to run the workflow and the list of person is quiet long and also among that after we verifying our requirement then we have to give credential to access to the workflow on server for that purpose we have to put credential on the workflow so that they should ask us first for the access before running that workflow.

also we are trying to take input from user then we are creating logic to match that value in column expression node as a password which we will give to the user but in this we are not able to get user value from server for this we have use string widget node of knime but that also not able to solve this problem. so if you tell me list of node using which i can take value from the user from server using that also we can try.

Sorry to bother you, but thanks again.

Alright, I thought you meant credentials to something within the workflow. Yes checking the user’s input in the workflow would be possible. For the string widget, the user would have to input the values from the WebPortal. I uploaded an example.
access.knar.knwf (27.8 KB)
If you are unfamiliar with the WebPortal, I would highly recommend enrolling in the (self-paced) L3-PC course or contact your technical account manager directly.


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Thank you so so much @kabrah for your reply

just one thing in knime version 4.2.2 instead of variable creator which node should i use because in knime 4.2.2 variable creator node is not their.

sorry, but please give me suggestions

To be honest, I’ve never used v4.2 myself :sweat_smile: Maybe you can use a table creator + a table row to variable node

my organization is living in a stone age :laughing:, but thank you so much @kabrah for your suggestions let me try this.


@kabrah Thank you so much your solution worked and i am able to put this logic.

@kabrah can you be mentor for knime like can we connect through other platform like twitter or linkedin because i am kind of beginner in knime and mentor like you it would be very helpful like course you suggest i am going through it and that also helping me understanding knime better but if i want to learn knime more so you can help.

Thanks again for your patience and your instant reply :raised_hands:

Hi Shubham,

Since you’re a KNIME Server customer, you can actually reach out to our Customer Care team for support. Also, it’s definitely worth checking out all the resources that we have (courses, youtube videos, books, etc. which will hopefully give you a solid foundation) and of course, the Forum so you can ask more specific questions.

Really glad to have helped, have a lovely day!


Thanks @kabrah wish you the same.

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