Cross Join in Recursive Loop causes Heap space problems

Hi All,

encountering a Heap Space problem in a Recursive Loop where I do a (rather minimal) cross join on 1 record cross joined to 200 records.

It seems somehow, over the iterations, the cross join results are accumulated, even though the logic is that it should become even smaller as the iterations progresses.
– yes, I have already modified the -Xmx heap space parameter in the knime.ini :smile:

I have this issue in Knime 4.5.2, haven’t tested this is 4.7.0 but is this something anyone else has reported?

– I do have a workaround (and actually a much better solution) to bring the values from 1 record into variables and then use those as split conditions in the row-splitter.

kind regards,


Hello @hermyknime,

might be Row ID is causing this as in every iteration it gets longer and longer.



Hi @ipazin, sorry for the late reply, but took some time before I could test!

true, it all works just fine with a rowID now right behind the ‘Recursive Loop Start’.




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