CSS Editor auto-completion only working at first shot

Hi there,

I wanted to inquire if anybody else encountered the same issue as me with the CSS Editor node:
When adding the node to a workflow, I can configure it as I want, and most notably, the CTRL+Space and the Return key work perfectly. But as soon as I close the configuration dialog, some functionalities disappear. If I just close and reopen it (without executing), the CTRL+Space functionality is gone. If I in addition execute the node, I am even unable to press return to add a new line (though I can still type in text).
So my question: Is it a bug or is it just my computer who is behaving weird?
Btw: restarting KNIME helps. But only to configure the node once, then the same issue reappears.


Hi - yes this is a known issue and being investigated currently. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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Is there any update on a fix for this?
I’m still encountering the same problem as above.



Hi - Yes, we’ve fixed this (and the 30+ other nodes that also suffered from this) and it is marked to be in the 3.8.0 release this summer. Sorry for the wait.


Thanks for the update, that’s great news!
When will 3.8.0 be released this summer? Has a date been set?


There’s not an official date yet, but the release dates of 3.2.0, 3.4.0, and 3.6.0 were all in the first half of July.

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