CSV file as body in HTTP Post

Hello, I am learning KNIME and for my pilot case I need to create a HTTP POST request with a CSV file structure as body. The rows for the CSV file structure are already prepared and available in the workflow before the HTTP POST node.

How can I transform the rows into a CSV structure and get it available as a column in the HTTP POST node?

Other option I was thinking about is a two step approach to create a CSV file from the rows as a first step and then load the csv file into 1 column/row as a second step but I did not manage to load a complete file into 1 row / 1 column.

Thanks for the help!

You could use the Load Text Files node from the Vernalis extension, if you are ok with using a community extension.
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Thnx for pointing me to the Vernalis externsion nodes.
I checked the documentation of the Load Text Files node and it looks like that is exactly what I need!

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