CSV File downloads being renamed to xls in chromium component view

When trying to download a csv file in the chromium-based component view using the File Download Widget node, the downloaded file has the .csv extension replaced with .xls.

This (Chromium CSV Download bug.knwf (19.0 KB)) workflow demonstrates the problem.

Using the inspector in Chromium, the link appears correctly to point to a csv file:

<a data-v-153ef6fc="" href="file://C:\KNIME\workspace\00000_Examples\Chromium CSV Download bug\data\.\knimetemp-26c46343517e4cdb\Test.csv" download="" title="Download csv (csv)" type="text/csv">Download csv</a>

Pasting the link into another browser e.g. firefox results in the correct download behavior. This looks similar to 36009 - chromium - An open-source project to help move the web forward. - Monorail - however that bug was resolved long ago and appears to be specific to Mac OS, whereas this happens on W10.



Hi @Vernalis ,

Would you mind letting us know which version of KNIME you are using, as testing for us on the latest 4.5.2 is returning the proper .csv extension.


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