CSV file reading errors

I Have converted sd files and added smiles,inchls to the data and then write out the file as csv using Knime loop.To this csv file more data is added and need to convert to sdf file.
1. While reading the final csv using File reader,on applying comma as delimiter,compound names which has comma in it is getting split also inchls are getting separated into different columns.Short lines option in Advanced tab is checked.

2.Some names when seen in preview has " marks,on using single line comment " , these names are not coming in preview.

3.Tried using CSV reader for the same file,getting error
ERROR CSV Reader Execute failed: New line in quoted string (or closing quote missing).

My data file has 500000 rows.
How can I resolve this and get an error free sdf file?

Thank you


Why don't you use the SD Writer? Writing SD to a CVS file is almost always going to fail since it contains multiple lines, can contain quotes and commata in properties, etc.