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Hello everyone,

I saw a few topics about downloading a .csv file from an HTTPS site but the .csv reader does not work for me.
It shows me only the html code in the result. Attached a screenshot. What am I doing wrong?
The scheme is: https://blabla.blalba.com:1234/bla/some_cryptical_text_and_numbers:CSV:::::
I am sorry but I cannot share the link with you.

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It seems the URL does not point to a CSV file but rather an HTML file.


This makes sense because it is possible to subscribe to this data but only with HTML via mail.
So I think I have to look into the html parser and further data import functions.
Do you have a tip where to look before I start the investigation?

Thank you!!!

Hi there @SHadowbaral,

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Well you can search for KNIME example workflows on KNIME Hub or you can search for topics/solutions on this forum. Also you can always open new topic :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!


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Thanks for welcoming me to the community :slight_smile:
… the file definitely points to an .csv file, I can download it via every browser. But in Knime it only sees the html file.
I´m accessing a database through a web layout and as I wrote there is the possibility to subcsribe to a report via mail and this only comes via .htm file. So is it possible that the browser opens the first html step and then downloads the .csv file? How can I achive this in Knime?

Sadly I can´t install any additional extensions.

//Update: It is an authentication problem -.- I looked through the html output in Knime and it wants the login credentials.
Can I give somehow login credentials to the workflow?

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Hi there @SHadowbaral,

have you managed to figure it out? If not what kind of authentication method are you using?


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