csv in zip: string to date conversion fails


I am not sure, I have come across a bug. In the CSV file within the ZIP archive are two columns with dates. I configured the reader node such that those should get converted into date-time types. However, it fails, as can be seen from the picture below. The data grid of the configuration window shows it correctly as date-time (maybe just optically), in the data grid of the node, however, it is String.

The strange thing is, that initially, I did not have it compressed but plain CSV, and there it worked.

Can someone confirm or did I miss something? Please find the workflow at US polling places – KNIME Community Hub

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Dear @Thiemo.Kellner,

I couldn’t reproduce the problem. For me it works fine when I change the column type to “Local Date” in the transformation tab.

What is the error message?

Hi @armingrudd

Thanks for looking into it. Neither could I reproduce it, after having closed and re-opened the workflow.

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