CSV Reader Bug

I am currently reading a csv file which results in a table with columns that are not labeled and data that falls under the wrong columns. Is the CSV file reader maybe faulty here?

The reason I mention this - it seems that the file parsing process is using the delimiter first to separate columns and then applies the quote character filter to the data? This means that:

  1. a file that has the format “AA”,“BB,BB”, “CC” - will split into AA BB BB and CC (i.e. 4 columns) - where it should only split into [AA] [BB,BB] [CC] - three columns. The reason I show “BB,BB” is because this column contains data that also contains commas, but is between quotes.

Excel seems to read this file just fine, but somehow I cannot get KNIME to read the file correctly.

Any advice?

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Typically the File Reader (File Reader — NodePit) instead of CSV Reader gives you more control about the structure of imported tables.

Also I used the R package readr to handle ‘messier’ CSV files.


R Works like a charm - much more robust in handling dirty files. Thank you.

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