CSV Reader Delimiter Problem

Hi everyone,

I am new in Knime. I want to read a CSV file. With File Reader node I get the output below.
I want all values in different columns but couldn’t seperate them.

46|Multiple|J. R White|CA|1983|Software Engineering|

Are you reading a CSV, or are you reading a file with fields separated with a pipe (a |) ?

Yes, I am reading a csv file.

Eh… not really… just because you glue a beak on a trout doesn’t make it a duck.

As you can see in that header line, and the data, your fields are separated by pipes, not commas (which is what the ‘C’ in CSV stands for.) You’ve specified “TAB” in the column delimiter field in this panel (which would be for a TSV file; ) try specifying a pipe in the column delimiter field and lemme know how that goes.


Yes, tried it of course in csv reader. It can read it for 2 lines. When I run it for 1.5 million row it gives that error:

Check allow short lines in Advanced window


Worked. Thank you!

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