CSV Reader failure

Hi All,

Could you support me how to read a csv file and what to do if I receive this message?

The error states that there are duplicate row IDs.

Why are there duplicate row IDs? Fix that problem and it should work. It looks like your node configuration needs to be tweaked.

Without seeing the data and the workflow, there’s not much else I can say.

Hello @sandordan,

CSV Reader by default has option Has Row Header enabled. This means that first column in your file will be read into KNIME as RowID column and duplicate RowIDs are not allowed in KNIME. Uncheck it and you should be fine.

Please note node’s description where it is suggested to use File Reader node in certain cases. Also you can try new CSV Reader node - CSV Reader (Labs) which is improved version of current CSV Reader. Finally in case your file is big check out Simple File Reader node.


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