CSV Reader, File Reader etc. on KNIME Server


I have a problem with the Knime Server. I have a .csv File on the Server and when I try to read it via:

Everything works fine.

But when I deploy it to the server and execute it there I get the error:


It works with a relative path, but then it not works locally. I would appreciate a solution that works on the server and locally.

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Hi @ArminFan have you tried a “Relative to workflow” path?


Hi @iperez,

Sure, I use the “Relative to current mountpoint”, because the mountpoint is the server. This works alright, but only on the server and not in my local workspace. When I want to execute the workflow on my local machine, I have to change all reader nodes. This is tedious. I would like to have a workflow which reads a file and is executable on all machines, either if it is the server, my machine or the ones of my colleagues.

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@ArminFan your mount point might be different on the server and your local machine. The suggestion would be to try relative path to your workflow. For example if your model file is in a subfolder or a data or model folder on the same level as your workflow that could be the same on the server and your local machine. That is what I like to use.


@ArminFan did you get this working? I second @mlauber71 reply, this might be a wrong configuration on the server. Can you check this setting on your KNIME Server: com.knime.server.default_mount_id


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