Csv Reader node with remote file - Why there are many calls to get the file ?

Hello Community,

I’m using the CSV reader file to read a file with an https// input location.

The file is loading correctly but I’m wondering why I log many calls asking the file.
I know that very soon, I won’t be able to call this URL many times in a 10sec period.

Anyone knows why it’s doing that and if it will be a problem if only 1 call can be done ?

For that log, I only have executed the csv reader node 1 time.


Hi @MathieuSF , The CSV Reader should not do multiple reads. Can you share your workflow, or at least a screenshot of your workflow to see what you are doing?

EDIT: Also, why is this thread under the KNIME Server section? Is this being run off a Knime server? If that is the case, how is the workflow being triggered from the Knime server?

Hi @bruno29a

Thanks for your reply.
Here, you have a screen of the workflow.

Both CSV reader do multiple reads of the file.

ANd you’re right about the wrong server section. When we have noticed this issue, I’ve guessed that it will come from a server configuraiton (we are using the AWS knime server), but when I’m running this workflow locally, we are seeing the same results.

Hi @MathieuSF,

your workflow looks fine to me, even though you are probably using an older version of KNIME Analytics Platform, since we updated the file handling, S3 connection and transferring files.
Would you be able to share your workflow with insensible data alongside with the logs you mentioned? I would really like to have a look at it in more detail.

Best regards,

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Hi @MathieuSF , thank you for sharing your screenshot. As @kevin_sturm said, your workflow looks fine, the CSV Readers should only do 1 read each.

The next step would be to look into the CSV Reader nodes. Is it possible to share your workflow?

Hello @MathieuSF, are there any news on your issue you can share with us?
We would be very happy to help you solving your problem.

Hello Guys and thanks for your help.

Our technical team have modified the way we can get our files, so I can’t reproduce this issue.
This subject is close. We had do create a new workflow from scratch with another files.


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