CSV Reader, Rows with underscore in each character

Hello guys,

I’m trying to read CSV file, but every row is coming with underscore.

Hi @leon_andr. Welcome to the KNIME community

Assuming that there aren’t actually underscores in the file (i.e. can it be read outside of KNIME without underscores appearing?), it feels like some kind of file encoding issue.

Do you know what the character set encoding of the file is, or how it is generated?

What encoding is set to on the CSV Reader (in the config for the CSV reader there is an “encoding” tab)?

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Hi @takbb.

Thanks, I’m really a new user and I’m enjoying Knime.

Ok, let’s get to the problem.

I was using encode UTF-8 and this is where things start to feel weird because on the preview the underscore doesn’t appear.

It looks like everything is okay, but after a few steps of ETL, when I use the node write CSV using the encoding UTF-8 and I tried to upload this file in the Power BI the rows came like this.


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