CSV reader -- strange behavior

Hi there,

I took a screenshot of the CSV Reader node. The file I tried to read in is this one:

OS: Windows 10
KNIME Build: 4.3.3

After SW restart, the node behaves correctly.

Hi @ribizli

thank you for reporting this incident. I currently can’t reproduce the issue, but will keep trying.
If you run into this again, please let us know.

Kind regards

ps. I assume you already know this, but just incase: in the CSV Reader tab “Limit Rows” you can skip the first few lines that aren’t part of the data table :slight_smile:

Hi @ribizli

did you happen to run into this issue again? I haven’t been able to reproduce it, but I assume this is a rare UI glitch that can be ignored blissfully.

Kind regards

I haven’t tried, will report it if I see it again.

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