CSV Reader won't import fields with "=" in front (formula)

I’m downloading search reports from Bing and Google and including keywords while saving as .csv. In the keyword section, there are keywords that begin with “+”, which it seems that Excel reads as a formula. When trying to import the file, it gives an error "Row can’t be converted to the configured data type, increasing the number of scanned rows or changing the target types. I’m assuming this is the reason as it doesn’t tell me which field is the problem. When I open in excel, the cell reads “?NAME”, but if you click in the formula ribbon, you see =+keyword. In the platform, it’s just +keyword, so excel(?) is adding the “=” in front of it thinking it’s a formula (I think , that’s my hypothesis).
A) does this sound right and is this expected behavior?
B) How can I resolve this without having to manually interact with the .csv file outside of Knime?

Hi @ebarr , the CSV Reader would be reading CSV files, which are basically text files, but formatted as CSV - Comma Separated Version. In other words, there is no concept of formula in a text file. Formula exists in a spreadsheet such as Excel, in which case you need the Excel Reader - that is, if the file you are attempting to open is an Excel file.

It’s not because a CSV file can be opened in Excel that it’s a spreadsheet file.

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