CSV Writer bug? Doesn't accept drop folder variable?!

CSV Writer bug? Doesn't accept drop folder variable?!

Error message is:

Execute failed: Unable to create directory for specified output file: D:\knime_2.9.0\file:\D:\KnimeWS\WFTest\CSV%20Writer%20(%2320)\drop

Looks like the file path is not constructed properly?

The flow variable for the drop folder is a URL and not a file path. Most writer nodes cannot write to URLs but only to files.

So what is the best method to create a temp file for download - assuming the workflow might run via the web portal as well as running on the local PC?

If you want to create a temporary file, use the "Create Temp Dir" node. It outputs a path (not URL) to the temporary directory and you can also specify variables to files inside the temp directory in the dialog. Just make sure to not save the workflow with this node executed. Otherwise it will not create a new directory upon the next execution.

OK, I will try out the Create Temp Dir node.

How does one handle the deletion of the tem directories and files?

They are deleted when (or shortly after) the workflow is closed.