"CSV Writer" node cannot write the word COM?

Table Creator node is using a list of URLs to download and save them as tables in CSV format. Unfortunately, it cannot save one of those downloaded tables named as COM2.csv.
I have attached a simple workflow see attached below in which the CSV Writer denies to write one of the downloaded tables:
Not writable file.knwf (20.6 KB)

I have also attached the knime log file, here.Knime_Log_Not writable fileTXT.txt (135.0 KB)

Not exactly sure what happened but again I have this modified solution to offer that would first download the files and later import them all into CSV and even collect them in a KNIME table in the end. If one download fails you could resume the download, that might be faster and more robust than to use the file reader directly. In the hub, there are all files contained from your example.

As a side note, you might want to think about using the relative KNIME paths like:


They are more robust and easier to handle and you can transfer your folder/workflow without having to worry about paths.


Thank you mlauber71 for the useful recommendation of the relative knime paths. I will use it for future references. In the meantime, here is a possible solution:
Windows 10 does not permit specific names including but not limited to COM1, COM2, etc. Attached is a screenshot after manually renaming a file to COM1 in windows explorer.


OK never heard that, interesting. There seems to be a list of these forbidden words. One idea could be to check for these names (in a rule engine) and change them to something like COM01 or COM1_.

One always learns new things even after all these years :sweat_smile:


References to old serial and parallel ports, right? Suddenly I feel quite old :slight_smile:


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