Custom colors or color scales in heatmap

Dear Forum,

I’m using the JFreeChart Heatmap node a lot, but I’m struggling to make the following:

  1. a 3-color color scales as it is possible in e.g. excel, e.g. from green → yellow → red.
  2. Custom colors of text or numbers as in conditional formatting in excel, e.g. “Tomato” → red, “Cucumber” → green, “others” → purple etc.

Could anyone point me into the right direction on these topics, please? Would be highly appreciated.

Have you tried the Javascript-based Heatmap node instead? It allows you to set colors on its View Configuration tab.

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Hi Scott,

Thanks, yes, I have also tried the Heatmap node. I’d like to have the output as colors only, but I can’t seem to remove the row-ID and other labels. Do you know if there is way to control that? Can’t seem to find that option…

I don’t believe the feature you mention is currently supported - apologies for that.

Thanks again, ScottF. Then I guess it was not because I could not find that option.
Think it could be solved for my application by exporting the heatmap as image and cropping a number of pixels from left and top. Any hints in how to do that?

The Image Writer (Port) node could be used to export the heatmap you generated. After some additional manipulation, I believe you could then use the Image Cropper to tweak the image further, but I must confess to not being that experienced with the Image Processing extension.

Does that help?

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