Custom Extention using Python


I understand that it is now possible to create custome extensions/nodes using Python, but the documentation only mentions using Conda. Is it possible to use other Python version for instance Python from the “Python Software Foundation” and creating environments with venv?

Reason I am asking is that as I understand it, once your orgenization has more than 200 employees there are licensing costs envolved when using miniConda.


Hi Willem,

licensing costs can be envolved if you use the anaconda channel. But the usage of miniconda is always free and our Python builds only use the conda-forge channel, which is also free. We do not include anything using the anaconda channel. So please make sure that you do not use the anaconda channel and then I don’t see any licensing issue.

Further explanations for the difference between conda as a tool and anaconda as distribution and company can be found in this post by Davin: Anaconda not free for commercial use anymore, any plans for the future? - #5 by potts

We do not support other tools like venv, poetry or tox.

Does that help? If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Best regards


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